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Well Being and Behaviour

At Ripley Nursery School we believe that for a child to make good progress in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum they need high levels of wellbeing; they need to feel good about themselves, have secure attachments to their parents, carers and teachers, feel safe within our community, be physically fit and have stimulating learning opportunities to develop their involvement in learning.

Our Behaviour & Wellbeing Policy is concerned with how we can all work together to support children to maximise their wellbeing and support them to manage and regulate their feelings at this crucial time in their personal, social and emotional development. Take a look at our policy and let us know what you think.

Starting School


Starting at Ripley Nursery School marks a big milestone for your child.  There will be new faces, new routines and getting used to leaving parents/carers.  Please have a look at the following links in order to prepare you and your child for the new experiences that awaits them.


Links to:

Starting School - PEN

Supporting Your Child With Settling into School

Queries and Concerns


We want our children to thrive in a supportive and happy environment.  If you are concerned about anything that has happened while your child has been at nursery, this is what you need to do.


  1. Speak to your child's key worker.  They will listen to your concerns and follow a set procedure in terms of determining what has happened and what needs to be done to resolve the situation.  We hope that this will result in a satisfactory outcome for both you and your child.
  2. If you are not happy with the outcome, the next step is to speak with the headteacher Cathy Bednal.  Cathy will listen to your concerns and also has a procedure to follow.  Cathy is the designated safeguarding lead and has the welfare of your child as a priority.
  3. Please see our Complaints Policy if you need further information.