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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

We believe children learn most effectively when they are actively involved in their learning. The role of the adult is to provide a stimulating curriculum which is based on children's experiences and interests but which also provides challenges to push the learning forward and foster confident and independent lifelong learners.

Documenting and Recording

​Personal, Social and Emotional Development ​

​Personal, Social and Emotional Development ​ 1 Working together, 'All aboard the train'.
​Personal, Social and Emotional Development ​ 2 Happy splashing in the rain
​Personal, Social and Emotional Development ​ 3 Helping each other

Physical Development

Physical Development 1 Building a wall
Physical Development 2 Leaping down the firemans pole
Physical Development 3 Climbing on the toddle boxes

​Communication, Language and Literacy

​Communication, Language and Literacy 1 Drawing a map
​Communication, Language and Literacy 2 Sharing stories
​Communication, Language and Literacy 3 Using the telephone


Mathematics 1 Experimenting with pulleys and weights
Mathematics 2 Experimenting with balance and 3d shapes​
Mathematics 3 Exploring the concept of number

​Understanding the World

​Understanding the World 1 Exploring gradients
​Understanding the World 2 Watering the onions to help them grow
​Understanding the World 3 Chinese Dragon dancing

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design 1 Going Swimming
Expressive Arts and Design 2 Taking on roles in the homecorner
Expressive Arts and Design 3 Experimenting with paint