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Childcare Holidays/Closures 2023 - 2024

As a childcare facility, we are open for 49 weeks of the year and have 3 set closures (weeks) per year. We are closed on bank holidays. We also have 5 INSET days that are spread across the academic year. All closures set out below are from the day the setting closes (at 5:45 pm) to the day we return from the closure (setting opens at 7:45 am).


2023-2024 Closures

Summer Break 2023

Friday 21st July 2023 - Monday 31st July 2023 (5 day closure)


Christmas Break 2023

Friday 22nd December 2023 - Tuesday 2nd January 2024 (6 day closure)


Easter Break 2024

Thursday 28th March 2024 - Monday 8th April 2024 (6 day closure)


Summer Break 2024

Friday 26th July 2024 - Monday 5th August 2024 (5 day closure)


If your child receives the 2 year old government funding, your contract will be set for term-time/38 weeks per year, therefore childcare closures other than INSET days/Bank Holidays should not affect your child's attendance.