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Home and School Agreement during the Current

Covid19 Pandemic


As a school we will:


  • Ensure that all staff are fully aware of the School Risk Assessment and are adhering to the requirements stated within the document.
  • Ensure that surfaces and resources are regularly sanitized.
  • Ensure that staff regularly wash and sanitize their own hands during time in school
  • Ensure that children regularly wash and sanitize their hands during their time in school
  • Ensure children and staff are only exposed to the same children, adults and environments during their time in school (small bubbles), thus limiting potential cross contamination of the virus.
  • Always adhere to the ethos of care and compassion which underpins our values and practice.
  • Ensure that children spend as much time outside as is possible during all sessions.
  • Maintain a social distance from each other whilst in school, ensuring that no cross contamination between working teams can occur.
  • Wear PPE when changing children in school and when working in one to one situations.
  • Support children with any signs of anxiety and concern concerned with the present situation, or any other issue.
  • Support parents and family members with the regulations and offer emotional support as appropriate
  • Ensure that parents are aware of the fact that children displaying any symptoms of COVID 19 should be kept off school and that if symptoms manifest during a session, we will adhere to Public Health England advice.
  • Ensure that all staff and child illnesses are reported to the Headteacher and Senior staff.

As Parents/Carers we will:

  • Only have one adult from the family to enter the school grounds for pick up and drop off of your child.
  • Keep a 2m distance from any other person/s at all times.
  • Keep to the one way drop off and pick up system in place.
  • Ensure my child is wearing sun cream – please supply named sun cream if it will need re-applying during the course of the session.
  • Ring nursery to inform them if my child is not attending a designated session.
  • Not send my child to school if they are feeling unwell in any form and/or have a temperature.
  • Inform school if any members of the family have suspected or confirmed Covid19 symptoms.
  • Work with the school and follow their guidance if there is an outbreak of Covid 19 within the school community.
  • Maintain current social distance guidance at all times to keep yourselves and all of us safe.


Signed: C. L.Bednal  Headteacher of Ripley Nursery School and Ripley Nursery School childcare


Signed __________________________________

Parent/Carer of ____________________________