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Allotment News

Today we went to harvest the pumpkins from our allotment. They have been growing for nearly seven months!! 


Mr. Flude, who helps to look after our allotment, reminded us to pick the pumpkins before the weather gets too cold – a quick frost would damage our crop. 


We were amazed to find; 

one enormous pumpkin,  

one large pumpkin,  

one knobbly pumpkin and  

three small pumpkins. 


We needed help to pick up the biggest pumpkins.  


We picked some lovely green and red apples from our apple tree, put all our produce in the wheel barrow and wheeled it back to school. 


Our friends at school were very excited to see our wheel barrow full of pumpkins and apples. 


We are thinking about what we can do with our pumpkins next week, any ideas?