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Information for Parents - September 2020

Dear Parent and Carers,


We are busy planning to welcome all our families in school in September; old friends as well as new friends who have yet to meet us and visit our school.


In line with all the government guidance and the risk assessments provided by Derbyshire County Council we have made a few changes to the organisation of our school, detailed below;


Class Bubbles                                                                                           

We have taken the decision to divide the school into two halves; Rabbits and Squirrels will work together in one bubble and Owls and Hedgehogs will form another bubble. This reorganisation will allow your children more access to both indoor and outdoor learning spaces whilst reducing contact of children and staff across the whole school. Staff will remain in one of these two bubbles only, this will include meal supervisors and any SEND support staff.


To ensure a safe and smooth entry and exit into school we have staggered start/finish times and increased the number of entrances;



Full day /morning  drop off 

Morning pick up

Afternoon drop off

Full day /afternoon Pick up







Pram store door












Garden gate






Garden gate



Breakfast club starts

After school club finishes

Garden gate




We are asking all parents/carers to revisit and keep to these simple rules on drop off and collection:

1. Please be prompt and keep to your allocated times to arrive and pick up your child/children.

2. Ensure children have been to the toilet before they leave home.

3. Only one parent to accompany and pick up (where possible).

4. Keep yourself and your child 2 metres away from your neighbour as you queue.

5. Take any bikes or buggy’s home with you.

6. Please leave the site promptly as there will be other parents waiting to safely drop off or pick up.

7. After school please bathe your child and change their clothes. Children will need to arrive at school in a fresh set of clothes each day.

8. We cannot accept bags into the setting but can store plastic or drawstring bags containing belongings on trolleys outside each base.


Transition into school

To support an effective transition during this time of social distancing we have adapted our usual practice:


Easter starters


Class visits; although all children and parents will have visited our school in Spring we have had to make changes to our learning spaces so check out the videos of your classes on our website under the Children, Class Pages tab. Click on the class to view the video.

We will update our learning spaces during our staff training day in September and update the videos posts.


Mouse Club; on Tuesday 14th July I will be joining you for a quick door step visit to catch up and say ‘Hello’ and drop off Mouse and an information pack. We offer each new child a cuddy mouse to use as a transitional object to travel between home and school. Within the pack there are some activities for mouse and your child to try out with your help.


A quick and easy way to make an outfit for Mouse is to find an odd sock and ask your mum or dad to help you cut out holes for the head and arms to fit through. You can even trim the top of the sock and use the excess to make a headband.


Autumn starters


Class visits; currently parents cannot come into school however we are planning after school visits to our nursery garden in September to meet you and your child face to face. We will  complete an ‘All about me’ to find out what your child likes doing, what they may need help with and how we can work together. We will have a little cuddly toy Mouse waiting for each of you to help the transition in to school.


We will still need to practise socially distancing with you, on entry you will need to use the hand sanitiser, and of course you can only attend if you and your child are well.


Additionally check out the class videos on our website under the Children, Class Pages tab for a little flavour of the fun activities waiting for you at Ripley Nursery School.



The school app runs through our website and is a quick and easy way of sending information directly to your mobile telephone; we will send you a link to download the app once your admission form is processed. If you change any contact numbers or emails please inform the school ASAP, we would hate you to miss out on all our school events and updates.



To keep our floorspace clean and hygienic no outdoor shoes are allowed in school. We use wellington boots for outdoor play and have a selection of fleeces and waterproof outfits for playing outside during all seasons. If you have spare children’s wellington boots to donate to school these will be gratefully received.  Please bring a pair of slippers which will stay at the nursery and a plastic or a cloth drawstring bag containing a change of clothes, named suncream and nappy/changing creams if required.


What happens if a child or member of staff is ill?

You must not come to school if you, your child or anyone in your household presents with Covid -19 symptoms; cough, temperature, loss or taste/smell (Anosmia) or are feeling generally unwell.


If anyone becomes ill with symptoms of the virus and tests positive for Covid-19 in the setting then the whole class bubble of children, including the teaching staff will have to self-isolate for 14 days. Staff, children and their families will have access to Covid-19 testing if they present with symptoms. You must call 111 to request a testing kit for young children.


Hopefully this information is helpful in supporting your return to school or in embarking on your journey with us. If there is any other information you need from us or that you need to share with us to support you and your child please contact Kerry Hartwell on the school number or through her email address.                                                                                                                                                            

Finally, we wish you all a sunny and relaxing summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all in September.


Kind regards,


C.L. Bednal


Cathy Bednal and all the staff of Ripley Nursery School